33 more lakes found on Mars by Astrobiologists

Mountain View (USA) – Where there is water, there is life too – that is true for our earth at least. On Mars, US scientists have tracked down the locations of 33 former lakes where rainfall and groundwater once created life-friendly conditions on the Red Planet.

The team of scientists headed by Virginia C. Gulick of the SETI Institute and Henrik I. Hargittai of NASA’s Ames Research Center is currently reporting in the journal “Astrobiology” (DOI: 10.1089 / ast.2018.1816 ), in addition to a previously discovered one Lake in the southern hemisphere of Mars 33 discovered places known as paleo-lakes, in which once liquid water had collected when the climate of Mars was even warmer and wetter.

The current study and the discovery of the 33 other former lakes are based on a hydrogeographic analysis of the region, in which the still visible natural gullies, canals, hollows, and characteristic Sediment deposits were identified and topographically analyzed to see in which places this is collected water from precipitation and groundwater sources in the form of streams and rivers.

Map of the 34 paleo lakes in the Mars region Hellas Planitia. 
Copyright: Gluick, Hargitai et al.

Apparently, the early Mars was so literally littered with water, making it even more likely, at least for former life of Mars. The researchers also see the discovery of these paleo lakes as an important step in the search for life on the Red Planet. Because at the places of these former lakes, traces of former life could still be found today.

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