FMOTL – Introduction

FMOTL Freeman Of The Land – People who are part of the FMOTL movement believe that the government has no jurisdiction or authority over them unless they consent to it.
For further reading of this, you can view the website run by Veronica Chapman, a lovely lady who was once a male lorry driver.  Her site is here:

Her site states:

This is a weird website. It is deliberate. There are no adverts to titillate you into spending money. There is no ‘donate’ button, because I don’t want one penny of your money, even though I’m not, what you would call, stinking rich.

Actually I’m very, very, rich. Because I have a lot of good friends – both local and cyber. And that’s all I need, and will ever need.

In fact this website is so plain, and uninviting, you’ll be wondering why you are here. So I’ll tell you.

You are here to receive the best gift I, or anyone else, could give you. Freedom. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to take full responsibility for your own life and – provided you do not encroach on anyone else’s freedom – to have a sweet life for the rest of your days.

Freedom from police intimidation and harassment. Freedom from law courts. Freedom from those official-looking brown envelopes that always appear on your doorstep when you least want to see them. The ones with a window, showing (what is apparently, but isn’t really) your name in CAPITALS.

Freedom from living under what I call The Grand Deception.

And I give you this gift as I have received it from others … freely, and with immense pleasure. The gift of knowing how to become a FreeMan-On-The-Land.

What is a Freeman-on-the-land? Well, it isn’t someone who remains outside the law. No-one is outside the law, so this is not a proposition for anarchy.

But – it all depends on what is meant by ‘law’.

And that’s the catch. What you have grown up to assume is ‘the law’ is not, in point of fact, the law.

That’s The Grand Deception. Hitler was right: “If the lie is big enough, the People will fall for it”.

Once you know the deception, and what the law actually is, you’ll realise how the wool has been firmly and deliberately pulled over your eyes, your parent’s eyes, and those of everyone you know.

You will realise that, while you do not cause harm or loss to another, while you never breach the peace, and never employ any mischief in your promises & agreements, you SHOULD (by Rights) never, ever, end up in court – whatever else you may do. And that, if you do end up in Court, you can stand on your Rights to get any case withdrawn, BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS! Start reading, and take control of your life, because the real Truth can, indeed, set you free. Since writing that original article, we have discovered a whole lot more. I recently attempted to write down what we have discovered in a book. A book that can be read online, Chapter by Chapter. Then, to keep really up-to-date, we now have a Forum.


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