Hitler Alive After All Says FBI Documents

How much can you trust your government? Would you trust your government to tell the truth? Regardless of your answer to the aforementioned, you should question everything. Including the “hard facts” our government provides. Many conspiracy theorists sought to uncover the truth, and thanks to the American Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, the public is able to seize documents that would otherwise be considered classified. Though the government reserves the right to redact information, the majority of these files are released, holding substantial information.

In recent events, World War II documents are being released in particular. One of which concerns the apparent suicide of Adolf Hitler, or so we believed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released several documents in relations to the death of Hitler, stating that Hitler did not die.

According to the documents, Hitler took two submarines to the Gulf of San Vatias in Argentina. Eva Braun was also aboard these submarines. As well as many close, and high ranking members of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The informant whom assisted Hitler and his party, gave detailed directions to a village, and was paid 15,000 dollars in compensation. Not to mention the informant was so accurately able to describe Adolf Hitler, that the FBI believed him to be an incredibly reliable source for this information. There have been several other eye witness testimonies claiming to have seen the German U-530 submarines land in Argentina, though no one besides Hitler and scarcely a few others were named in the documentation released from the government.

The said informant that helped Adolf Hitler escape to Argentina later gave an interview to the Los Angeles Examiner, and the story was disregarded. The interview was believed to be conducted on July 29th, 1945.

This is not the first occurrence and disapproval of Hitler being dead. In 2009, Nicholas Bellantoni, an archaeologist from Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and Archeology, did a DNA test on the bone fragments the Soviets brought back, claiming to be skull fragments from Hitler himself. However, the tests concluded that the claim in-fact was not true.

In summation, Hitler was alive and well, living comfortably in Argentina, just as conspiracy theorists predicted. You can find the documents on the FBI website here, and several more in regards to World War II. Perhaps those claims were not so crazy after all.

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