Hypocrisy of the left with South African Farmers

For many decades, we have been taught and lectured by the leftists that it is absolutely wrong and immoral to take people’s labor by force, to steal their labor by force which is called slavery or the exploitation of the proletariat.

We have also been told that it is absolutely wrong to take people’s property by force particularly in terms of colonialism, imperialism and how the west treated indigenous populations in various countries around the world. That all this is absolute, completely and totally wrong and can you imagine given how bad it is to do these things how much worse it must be to do it on the basis of race alone.

How horrifying that adds the compounds in racism to base the original sin of exploitation and theft, however there does seem to be one little discrepancy in this particular formulation appropriated by the left, that it’s really wrong to take peoples labor by theft, that its wrong to take people property by theft, and its absolutely wrong to do it on the basis of race except taking white people’s farms in South Africa is totally great because ‘principles’

The hypocrisy of the left and the deliberate ignoring of the government-backed racism of South Africa shows a scary agenda by the left. That it is alright to be racist against whites, that it is alright to steal from whites, that it is alright to exploit the labor of whites.

The basis of race politics, theft and exploitation is immoral for all races. There isn’t an exception.

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