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Kolt Country Hoax or Threat?

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Kolt Country 107.5FM hijacked radio station.

Recently, in the United States, a broadcast began earlier this week, at Kolt Country 107.5, a radio station based in Flagstaff, Arizona. With threats from the “Russian and Chinese government, preparing to launch missiles at the United States.” Followed with a count down, this broadcast has been reported to local authorities several times including the local sheriff, though no leads are found.

It appears that the station or tower has been hijacked. However, the broadcast has not been shut off. Any posts on social media websites also tend to disappear, though one was found by the redditor u/DeathByPetrichor. The only post left was found here. The countdown is counting down to January 16th, at 6AM.

One local Deborah M., claims that “the broadcast on Kolt Country has been going on for about 4 days now, with the count down, and ambiguous messages in between. It’s scaring everyone.” After further investigation of the live broadcast, it appears that song lyrics fill in-between countdown messages, both country themed, as well as 80’s classic rock themed, one example being Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. As of recent, the messages in between the count down, have changed to random quotes, such as a tongue twister, “How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck?” or demeaning comments, about Flagstaff drivers. It’s also been noted that Kolt Country’s social media has been changed to a color theme of red.

Is this another cover-up from the United States government, or perhaps something wackier, like a carefully planned 4chan prank, often orchestrated by the notorious board /b/? Sinister or silly, updates will ensue.

Impeccable timing as the government’s current shutdown renders resources useless, and in a possible State of Emergency. Kolt Country has yet to make comment on social media, though several attempts have been made to contact the radio station by concerned locals.

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