Norway under attack, racially motivated crimes against norwegian natives

“I hate Norwegian people, brother! How many times will I have to say that?” Shouted the 17-year-old while slaughtering two students – whilst his friend filmed it all.

However, the police in Kristiansand would not accuse him of racism. He was also released from prison despite the fact that the police “looked into this incident very seriously” and mentions it as one of the most serious cases they have recently investigated.

The 17-year-old was only convicted of juvenile punishment.

– No evidence of racially motivated violence

The police incompetently chose not to accuse him of racially motivated violence despite the clear, racist statement that was documented on the mobile video – a video presented as evidence in Kristiansand district court.

“We have noticed this statement, but have not found any evidence that this was racially motivated violence,” said prosecutor, police officer Henrik Bjugan Hegdahl to Fædrelandsvennen .

The 17-year-old “is born in another country” as the newspaper expresses it, too afraid to admit that he was a refugee.

Court: Coarse, blind violence

The court was not in doubt about the gravity of the violent assault. From the verdict:

“The court finds it not doubtful that it is a gross violation of the body when it has happened without any inquiry and, in the view of the court, is a characteristic of an assault.”

The violence and robbery took place in Tollbodgata in downtown Kristiansand night to Sunday, November 26 last year. Two students were on their way home when they noticed a group of youngsters who were aggressive to the police. One student asked the youngsters to take it easy and continue on in Tollbodgata.

Kicked his head while lying on the street

The youth, among them the 17-year-old, followed the two. The video shows that he put his arm around the student who had spoken to him and accused him of saying something bad to him. Without further notice, he strikes the attached nep student in his face. The battle causes the student to wander backwards.

Also, the other student is beaten several times, falls and gets kicked in his head while lying on the street. He tries to get up, but is again hit in his face and walks once more in the ground.

The 21-year-old student was concussed and remembered nothing of the assault itself.

Also convicted of armed robbery

The two comrades were also found guilty of armed robbery in the center of Kristiansand.

According to the judgment, the 18-year-old sent a gun to the victim’s head and shouted: “give me a wallet if you want to live!”

The 17-year-old is also sentenced for the retention of a gun, the use of drugs, a breach of a stay ban at the center and for stopping from a taxi bill. Everything is committed in probation for another judgment.

Not imprisonment

The long sinner register, despite the prosecution, did not appeal to prison. Thus, the sentence became so-called youth punishment for one and a half years.

The 17-year-old is forced into an institution. The court shows that child welfare services report a positive development in relation to work, school, substance abuse, and general behavior.

The 18-year-old mate was sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for one year.

The police are concerned about the violence in Kristiansand in the last year, referring to several unprovoked acts of violence.

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