SHORT UPDATE: Court records explain the reasons for closing the Sunspot solar observatory

the previous article Solar Observatory Evacuated by FBI

Sunspot (USA) – Days after the reopening of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico, evacuated by the FBI on September 6, 2018, court documents now explain the real causes of the events.

According to consistent media reports, court documents state that this is a case of child pornography. A janitor of the facility has been accused of having accessed child pornography websites several times since January via the Sunspot Solar Observatory’s WLAN network.

As the “Albuquerque Journal” reports, citing the documents to a search warrant at the US District Court in Las Cruces, also confirmed the head of the observatory that on one of the laptops corresponding content was discovered. At the times in question, only one of the janitors had access to the computers used. When officers first confiscated the laptop without the employee’s knowledge, he began to complain about a lack of security and equipment and became increasingly aggressive.

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The evacuation of the facility was then a consequence of the increasingly aggressive statements of the accused janitor, who is said to have told astronomers suddenly, in the area is a serial killer around and it was only a matter of time, until this at the poorly guarded observatory to strike.

Note Conspiracy.Press: There had been no official statement from the Observatory or the FBI on this matter until the editorial deadline for this report.

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