Synagogue Shooting or Leftist Ploy?

The Jewish community is once again a target for hate crimes, now taking place in the United States. Eleven members of the Philadelphia Synagogue, Tree of Life, were killed in the early morning service, and six more injured. The rampaging killer was said to be shouting anti-Semitic slurs while opening fire onto the crowd of worshipers. Identified by the Philadelphia Police Department as Robert D. Bowers, whom had a court appearance today, is being charged for hate crimes against the Jewish community; The number of charges totaled to be twenty nine. The shooting took place on October 27th, 2018, in the early morning. Bowers was taken into custody with a gunshot wound. (Unbeknownst to the populace, of self infliction, or derived from responding officers.) However, the injury was not fatal.

Coincidentally, the killer appears just before November midterm elections as the “progressive” Left continues to push their agenda towards revoking gun rights, as well as placing strict gun restrictions on law abiding citizens. Could this be a possible ploy to further the plot of the Democratic party, and their ideals, or was this merely a convenient occurrence as Dems pressure voters to vote blue in the upcoming elections? The shooting is raising many questions amongst several conservative and independent communities as the timing of the tragedy is planned all too well; and a familiar plot all none too sinister for the politicians themselves. There have been other occurrences with less fatal consequences that the Left is using to empower themselves and brainwash the people of the United States.

Previously a reported incident of a mailed “bomb” was sent to Democratic officials, none of which were capable of detonating. You can read more about that here. To refocus our point, what does this really say about the Left and their obligations to the American people? Is the office and position really worth that of the American lives? Should the Democratic party found to be behind the arrangement of these strategically placed attacks, be prosecuted? Will there be an outcry for the lives lost to further the agenda of the same people who wish to crush the concepts and principles that The USA was founded on? So many questions left unanswered, but one thing is for certain. The slaughter of the Jewish community members is going to be the Left’s next big example for gun control advocacy, despite Pennsylvania’s strict gun laws. Obviously, the failed gun control movement will spark up once more, and will surely be considered for the ballot again. In the meantime, the Democrats will use fear-mongering tactics, deceit, and propaganda, to achieve such desires, and the people must remain diligent to their efforts in pushing a total government take over, one mass shooting at a time.

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