Video shows crazy “water snake” in the River Tyne

Tynemouth (UK) – A video featuring a large, snake-like creature in the shallow waters of the River Tyne near Tynemouth is currently giving rise to discussions about what exactly it could be. Experts, however, already have a suspicion.

As reported by the local news website,, the video was made last August by Kevin Burton when he made it comfortable one morning at Tynemouth Pier.

What Burton then got to see and fortunately was able to film quite extensively, since then not only provides on-site for guesswork and even for speculation about a Nessie -like monster in the Tyne.

At the request of the “Chronicle”, Dr. Per Berggren from the Marine School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University watched the video. He suspects either a piece of seaweed, which is moved by the current in such a way that it seems like an animal in the water or that Burton could film a so-called conger here.

Conger (s. Fig. L.) Refers to a genus of the family of conger eels (Congridae), which include some of the largest eels count at all, which can reach a total length of up to three meters.

As strange as the video first appears, a comparison with the numerous online photos and video footage of Conger shows that the expert with this assessment is probably quite correct and we see, inter alia, the distinctive dorsal fin of such a fish.

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